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Dorset Pathways provides an alternate route into a vocational pathway. We provide a therapeutic setting for children and young people to learn whilst developing into young adults. 

We are an alternative education provider in Dorset. We offer care and support for children and young people with complex & persistent SEMH and/or SEND needs, find the path that best suits them, to give them aspirations and direction for their future. We provide a range of supportive and engaging learning and development opportunities for children and young people. We offer vocational pathways specialising in Motor Mechanics and operate out of a workshop in Dorset. The children and young people will have the opportunity to work towards a Level 2 Vocational qualification. In addition, we provide support with English and Math up to Functional Skills Level 2. We promote good citizenship and offer a peaceful, relaxed environment for children and young people to engage and flourish. 

‘At Dorset Pathways we strive to provide the best service for our young people. We aim to take a holistic approach to their development by including parent/carers in our strategy. We believe communication between Dorset Pathways and our parent/carers is vital in creating the best possible environment for our young people to thrive.”


Our student is really engaging well with the programme offered. He is given time to study and learn new skills with respect to mechanics. We receive a weekly session report that gives us a good understanding of what our student has covered in their session and their level of engagement. We have been impressed with the quality of the sessions, support and feedback.
“Hi Rob, I just wanted to share A's school report with you! I truly believe the work you and Maz did with A helped him be more open to support at quay school. Thank you so much for all your help and patience.”
“Dorset Pathways is a lovely calm provision. Rob and Maz really took the time to try and understand as much as possible about our son before he started. Communication is great and they try to accommodate any changes requested. Rob and Maz persevered in getting to know our son who feels safe and listened to in the calm environment.”
Young Person (18 years old)

We have developed a very calm and therapeutic way of engaging children and young people with their learning. We have many years of experience ranging from teaching vocational courses in college, to overseeing large cohorts as a Learning Director and teacher in secondary schools in Dorset. Our staff are in place to offer bespoke guidance and support with learning, whilst maintaining a fun and therapeutic setting, allowing children and young people to blossom into young adults with purpose and direction at their own pace.

Transitioning into Adulthood 

We provide support and education for children and young people that are transitioning into adulthood. We cover many areas within our bespoke setting such as Money Management, Safeguarding and Communication Skills. We promote good citizenship and help children and young people become positive members of the community. 

Vocational Training

Pathways provide vocational training for children and young people to enable them to prepare for employment in their desired industries.  We currently specialise in Motor Mechanics and have the necessary skills and qualifications to enable the children and young people to work towards an industry recognised Level 2 qualification. As we grow more alternative vocations will be offered.


Our therapeutic setting enables the children and young people to learn and develop at their own pace. It’s very important to us that children and young people buy into their own learning to empower them to drive themselves forward with our guidance and support.

English & Maths

Our qualified teachers can help children and young people develop their Maths and English knowledge and skills from Entry Level to Level 2 Functional Skills. We promote the use of applied Maths and English within the vocational learning and development, which demonstrates real life scenarios and applications.

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